So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, goodbye… For twenty years Dean Kingsley E. Haynes has guided George Mason University’s School of Public Policy. Dean Haynes will be retiring from this position in July, and Dr. Edward Rhodes will take his place. In an interview with The Stylus, Dean Haynes discusses how the School of Public Policy […]

Editor’s Note

August 8, 2010

The First Step It is always difficult to take the first step. However, as you slowly start walking, those steps become a steady jog. Then, a sudden burst of energy comes. You start running. In the distance are the crossroads of opportunity. It is here where you have to make a critical decision. To the […]

Come together – small SPP program has unique “executive cohorts” for students The Master of Science in Organization Development and Knowledge Management (ODKM) Program is one of the School of Public Policy’s smaller programs, with a unique “executive cohort” format. Students in cohorts begin their studies at the same point and complete courses in sequence […]

I want to ride my bicycle Do you dream about not having to hunt for parking when arriving at the Arlington campus? Not ending up in Clarendon or a whole other neighborhood before you actually find a parking spot? Not feeding meters, paying for parking or paying for the Metro? If so, biking to campus […]

Up In The Air

August 8, 2010

Students begin making plans to study abroad The fall semester is rapidly approaching and students have begun considering studying abroad. According to Michal McElwain Malur, director of External Programs for George Mason University’s School of Public Policy, students “typically start planning to attend a year in advance.”  All study abroad courses are 3 credits and […]

Q&A with an ODKM Student

August 8, 2010

Now you see inside Soles also participated in a Q&A with The Stylus about his experiences in the ODKM program. Q. What do you think are the goals of the ODKM program? Soles: To develop the professional capacity of students to become better agents of change when they work with organizations. ODKM provides tools, knowledge […]

Find A Career

August 8, 2010

Career Services offers many resources for job-seeking students The George Mason University School of Public Policy offers a large scope of career services. Duane Bradshaw, director for Career Development and Alumni Relations, provides assistance by directing workshops and information sessions each semester. The SPP Career Center manages an online job search and recruiting tool, SPP […]

New building to open for classes in January 2011 A giant, shiny building has appeared in the heart of George Mason University’s Arlington Campus, between the Original Building and Hazel Hall. Watching the construction over the past two and a half years has left many students wondering if they will ever actually step foot in […]

Robust program combines policy and administration skills The Masters of Public Administration (MPA) program is a 36-credit course for individuals who are interested in taking on a leadership role within organizations that promote and implement public policy.  The program offers prospective students both MBA and public policy training. The MPA program teaches students how to […]

A message from the president of the graduate arts management society The Arts Management MA program consists of approximately 100 multi-cultural    students who spend a majority of their time on the Arlington Campus. With focuses in visual and performing arts, the students often find careers at museums, theaters and other arts venues after graduation. The […]