Up In The Air

August 8, 2010

Students begin making plans to study abroad The fall semester is rapidly approaching and students have begun considering studying abroad. According to Michal McElwain Malur, director of External Programs for George Mason University’s School of Public Policy, students “typically start planning to attend a year in advance.”  All study abroad courses are 3 credits and […]

Economist muses on cause, solutions to jobless recovery Fairfax, Va.— V, U, W, L. The first slide of professor Tyler Cowen’s presentation on the recent financial crisis appeared as if it were an eye doctor’s chart. Cowen explained these letters are actually shapes that appear in economic data graphs during a recession, mentioning that the […]

A final goodbye to Dr. Francis Fukuyama The School of Public Policy (SPP) Alumni Chapter sees its mission as ensuring that the best aspects of the Mason experience are available to students long after they graduate. Through awards recognizing SPP faculty, students, and alumni for excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service and its communication efforts, […]

Grasshopper, one day, you too will be a master. Over 80 alumni, faculty and students attended the Arlington Campus Graduate and Professional Etiquette Dinner on March 26. The three-hour event organized by University Life involved business etiquette and protocol trainers Nancy R. Mitchell and Lawrence P. Dunham from Protocol Partners. Based in Washington, D.C., the […]