­­­­­­To Dean Haynes for leaving such a remarkable legacy at SPP on the Arlington Campus.

To Behnaz Bonyadian and Andro Gigauri for winning the SPP Distinguished Student Awards.

To Dr. Rozell for winning the SPP Distinguished Professor Award.

Dean Rhodes for starting a new chapter at SPP.

To the graduating class of Spring 2010 –We Made It! We are officially Masters now.  Please refer to us as Senseis.

To the awesome inaugural Stylus staff for their dedication, interest and belief in this vision.

To Lori Cohen, Ph.D.,  Director of University Life & Campus Relations for giving us this great opportunity.

To Kathryn Mangus, Director for the Office of Student Media for her guidance, support and assistance.

To Emily Sharrer, 2009-2011 Broadside editor-in-chief, Aram Zucker-Scharff, Community Manager for the Office of Student Media, and Nicole Wiesenhahn, Student Media Project Manager for their advice, review, andassistance in the print and online layout and design for our inaugural edition . . . and also opening the door at the Broadside office, literally.

To Bran Mahoney, 2009-2010 editor-in chief of The Docket, Mason’s School of Law student newspaper, for his guidance and support.

Last, but not least . . . YOU. . .

the Arlington Campus students, staff and faculty . . . You know who you are, and we certainly know who you are.

Thank you for making this dream a reality.

High five.


The spark has been ignited

The flame has been lit

Keep it burning

Stop Dreaming

Start Something

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